Pudsey Greenside Cutting / Tunnel Infill proposal

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Added by M Stanley

Message from member DD.

There is an application by the developer EP Homes to in fill the above cutting ( first application is a part infill , to be followed by full Infill and then probably housing application) .

There is an issue of Bats roosts in the tunnel and under Carlisle Road Bridge. I'm forwarding this as there is also an issue of ever using this disused rail line as a cycle /walking route.

There are quite a few objections to this and some residents mention the possibilities of a future cycle route Pudsey Greenside Greenway . There are also plans by Bradford Council for large housing developments new link road around Tong /Sholebrook/ Raikes Lane area, not far from the Western end of the railway tunnel.

Leeds City Council Travel Wise Team also replied ,saying they had no comment on this development ,but state that Leeds cycling Officer Vicky Franks should be consulted. Is it worth Leeds Cycle Campaign contacting her on this item, and also our organisation objecting to this development ?


June 16th, 2017 18:00


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