Hatton Garden Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

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Added by Jean Dollimore

This Hatton Garden Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Strategy contains a fascinating study of the buildings and streetscapes in the Hatton Garden area.

It contains a brief section on "Movement" in Sections 5.29-5.32 on page 58 and a figure on page 59. Deals with motor vehicles, pedestrians and buses but it forgets cycles.

"Opportunities for enhancement". P 81 briefly outlines "Traffic and movement: strengths, weaknesses and opportunities."
This should recognise the potential contribution of cycling

New and improved cycle routes are shown on a map on page 83 (reproduced in this issue's image).They recognise the following:
- Theobalds- Clerkenwell Road alignment
- Rosebery Avenue
- Hatton Garden

Also should include at least:
-The CS6 alignments (being built this year)
- Grays Inn Road as a GRID link
- permeability links e.g. through Back Hill/Eyre Street Hill to Hatton Garden and via Laystall Street


April 30th, 2017 16:00


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